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Thread: [SOLVED] Tomcat ignoring new SSL cert?

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    Exclamation [SOLVED] Tomcat ignoring new SSL cert?

    I'm desperately trying to get Zimbra up and running again after our old cert expired, and the new cert doesn't seem to be taking hold.

    I swear I've replaced every single SSL cert and keystore I can find, and Tomcat still dies claiming the certificate expired yesterday.

    I've followed the instructions here (Commercial Certificates - ZimbraWiki) to the letter.

    I've replaced the following with my new cert and key:


    I've generated a new keystore from my cert and key, and replaced /opt/zimbra/tomcat/conf/keystore with it.

    If I go to the admin console (https://servername:7071), and have firefox show me the certificate information, the expiration date is in 2008, like it should be.

    I can log in to the admin console.

    Users cannot log in to the web interface, IMAP(S), or POP3(S) at all. Postfix fails LMTP deliveries. Basically, any network connection to anything that runs in tomcat still dies, with the root error (in mailbox.log) being:

    Caused by: NotAfter: Thu Sep 06 16:59:59 PDT 2007

    Checking the certificate file I used for everything (with "openssl x509 -in cert.pem -text"), I get:

    HTML Code:
                Not Before: Aug 13 00:00:00 2007 GMT
                Not After : Sep  9 23:59:59 2008 GMT
    What am I missing? Where the hell is tomcat getting the old cert from?

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    Default External LDAP Auth cert!

    Always remember to check that the services on other systems which you might be depending on are also running properly.

    All the problems turned out to be due to new certs being installed on our LDAP servers, which we're having Zimbra use as an external authentication source, but the LDAP server processes were never restarted to pick up the new certs.

    So, all our problems, really, were due to authentication, because our external LDAP servers were running with stale certificates.

    I'd be really nice if Zimbra could fail more gracefully in this situation.

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