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Thread: Which Calendar Has Priority When Viewing Several At Once?

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    Default Which Calendar Has Priority When Viewing Several At Once?

    How does Zimbra determine which calendar gets to be on top when viewing multiple calendars at once?

    Say I have 3 calendars in my 5-day week view, and today each calendar has an appointment at 10AM. What decides the order in which those calendars are layered together and which gets to be the top appointment?

    There doesn't seem to be anything obvious to it. Some days calendar A will be over the others and some days it will not.

    I thought maybe the order in which you click the calendar check boxes in the left pane might have something to do with it, but testing shows that it does not.

    Any thoughts on this? I have a user who would prefer their personal calendar be on top (and that would seem to be the obvious choice to me), but much of the time that is not the case.


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    I was just wondering the same thing, the layer priority doesn't seem to have anything to do with the age of an appointment, whether a calendar is shared or not, or the order the calendars are listed in the sidebar. I've got some users with several shared calendars, and they would like their own calendar to always show on top of the others. Any way to set a calendar's priority?

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