I'd like to try the 5.0 beta out.

I run the open source version at home and have for sometime...and I really enjoy it. I'm also the CIO of a company of roughly 3500 people, and am considering the possible replacement of our Exchange server, which I despise, but that's a different story (I've registered for the webinar ).

I really like what you guys are doing and hope you keep it up. Google should take lessons from you.

NOW (after the flattery), my question. I'm running 4.5.6 on Debian 3.1 currently, but as I stated above, I wish to try the beta. I've backed up my /opt/zimbra directory, installed Fedora 5 and installed the latest beta on top of that (on a different OpenVZ VM). Now, I'm curious what I need to do to use my old data from 4.5.6 in the new system. Is it enough to copy over /opt/zimbra and run " -u" from the beta untarred directory? The restore procedure on the wiki seems to indicate that -u is the wrong way to go for restore of backup, but I'm not certain in this case. If the above is not right, what are the steps to do so?

Is there a clear upgrade path here, or am I stuck where I am until 5.0 comes out?