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    Default Zimbra Mirror Server


    I want to setup Mirror Server for my already existing Zimbra Mail. The fact is when my actual server goes down, my mirror server shld take care of mail server activity. Mirror server shld hav all the mail box of actual mail server.

    Is this possible ???
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    Don't forget to add your version info to your profile ~ makes a bit of difference on the clustering recommendation.

    Quote Originally Posted by mmorse View Post
    Obviously the best & supported method with the Network Edition to cluster the mailstores is RHEL + RHCS + SAN

    With the OS edition another way to accomplish failover/standby would be to use DRBD and Heartbeat.
    DRBD is basically a form of 'network RAID', while heartbeat monitors a server and can make a backup come online in case of a problem.

    One setup is described in this thread:

    Other relevant/some notes:

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