I installed 5.0 last Friday, but soon realized the problems were significant enough to bail and go back to 4.5.6. I wish I had captured notes at the time, but I made a pretty silly mistake (irrational exuberance) and transitioned my home production server, so time was of the essence. However, just from memory, wanted to share a few observations:

- "stats" would not show as running through the admin interface no matter what I did (and I followed a lot of the threads about this in the forums). Additionally, the mail queue view would never refresh, so I could not view deferred messages, incoming, outgoing, etc. This was the ultimate deal killer.
- I like the new thread view, although I'm not certain how much of an improvement it is over today (in that the current version is great). However, two problems I noted...some threads were only picked up partially (i.e., some of the messages in the thread would appear threaded, but others wouldn't). This was not the case in 4.5.6. Also, the threaded view, when expanded, would often appear out of order (i.e., not properly sequenced based on received date and message replied to).
- Most new themes don't work...jholder already indicated this was a known problem.
- I could never get the Briefcase to show up, even though "Documents" was definitely there.

Thanks guys. I'm not sure any of the above will be helpful at all, but wanted to at least capture them before they fade into memory. I'm sure all problems encountered are just areas where a bit more polish needs to be applied.

Keep up the great work. You're definitely building something that's extremely exciting to me, both personally (via the open source version) and professionally (I'm a potential customer at my day job).

Thanks again,