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    Default Change Outgoing Domain

    I am running Zimbra Open Source Edition version 4.5.6. Currently it is just used for testing on a server named (x's used for privacy). I would like to have all outgoing messages be sent from not I know in sendmail one would just create a genericstable entry but I can't find something analogous to this in Zimbra. Is this possible and if so how? Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forums,

    In the admin console gui-simply create a new domain, then open the individual user's settings you would like to change-and simply change the drop down to the other domain)

    Don't delete that just yet! There's logfiles/daily reports that get sent to

    In fact I don't delete it at all:
    I move my admin account(s) to the new domain, then in I make aliases for,,,

    Or you could examine your config (zmprov gacf) and change all the references to the admin account, but it's just easier if you leave the extra domain as it was.
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