I have some interesting things going on and don't know if this is by design or if we're looking at a bug.

We have lots of shared calendars. Some are resource calendars and some are personal calendars. Several people have "manager" access to these calendars and have reported that there are some events that they are not able to edit. They can view them or move them around, but not much else.

I know sometimes this has to do with who the organizer is so I took a look at the ICS export. Several of the events in question were organized by people outside our domain, but there are a quite few that have problems that were organized by someone in our domain.

Here's a good example. We have a departmental resource calendar. Managed by three people. Person A and B can enter events, and edit events made by them or the other, but when person C puts in an event neither person A nor B can edit those events.

Anyone know how this works by design? If an event is organized by someone else I can't edit it in my calendar? Another calendar shared with me? Can't edit it unless it is Accepted or Tentative? What are the official rules for this?