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    Default M3-299 observations

    This was an upgrade of M3-270 to M3-299 and it went very smoothly. There were, however, a few questions arising from it.

    1. The upgrade recognised that some port conflicts occurred (I run another instance of Apache & MySQL) but didn''t make any changes to it's config. Do you plan to allow the option to change the conflicting ports in later releases?

    2. The statistics are all blank for the individual server but OK for the global statistics, this also didn't work in m3-270 either. There seem to be gifs genereted for the server statistics but still no gifs for disk as per this earlier thread

    3. The upgrade disables the antivirus and anti-spam settings and the mail view is put back to the default of 'conversation' instead of my setting of 'message'. Will these options be honoured in future releases?

    4. The admin login bug with Firefox 1.5 is fixed, but I'm sure you know that already.

    Otherwise it was an exceptionally easy upgrade, well done everyone.
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