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Thread: Filesize problem w/ zmlogger.out and zmcontrol.out

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    Default Filesize problem w/ zmlogger.out and zmcontrol.out

    This morning I awoke to a bit of an e-mail disaster. We are in the midst of a migration from an existing IMAP server to ZCS Version 4.5.6_GA_1044.RHEL4_64. Over night, I had been running a few imapsync processes that were moving mailboxes, two of which were in the 7-9GB range.

    When I checked this morning, my /tmp partition was at 100% utilization. An lsof | grep tmp showed two deleted files, zmlogger.out and zmcontrol.out. Combined, they were just under 10GB. Due to the tmp partition becoming unavailable, several of my processes could no longer function, including many that were Zimbra-related. Could someone provide me with an explanation of these files? Any idea what caused this to happen?
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