Hi All,

I'm on Zimbra 5.0Beta3 (upgraded from a 5.0Beta2 install - which was the inital install).

Our mails have started deferring and I can't find why. It doesn't seem to be the usual reasons listed in the Mail Queue Monitoring section on the wiki, as /var/log/secure shows that connections have gone through fine.

This is on CentOS 5. The install has always said the stats failed to start (since the Beta2 install), but in Beta3 it also says that antivirus has failed, but a ps ax shows that clam and freshclam are running.

Looking in the maillog each time I try get the deferred details I'll see this message.
2007-09-19 15:28:29,204 ERROR [{RemoteManager: snail.fluid-pictures.com->zimbra@snail.fluid-pictures.com:22}-zmqstat deferred] [] rmgmt - error when scanning mail queue deferred on host snail.fluid-pictures.com
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "1190207315 627181"

Thanks for any help. If anyone knows a way I could get these mails to come through until the issue is properly resolved that'd be great too, as the mail is quickly backing up.