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Thread: [SOLVED] ajax client (over web) on windows does not work but on linux does

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    Default [SOLVED] ajax client (over web) on windows does not work but on linux does

    Hi there in the forum,

    I run into an strange problem. I set up Zimbra and all worked fine on the local net. Cause me to have a DynDNS account I can access the web front end on my local server from the office. Additionally to Zimbra I set up SquirrelMail to get access to my emails. This works fine for me. But I wanted to use the glory ajax gui too. When I try so doing it with windows (IE or FireFox) the login screen never appears on my client. The browser does load the HTML page and some JS but never finishes (waited abouzt an hour). The very strange thing is, that when I try the same with linux (as client OS with FireFox) it's done very well (using the same internet connection and router). My first thought was that there must be an implementation issue on the IP stack on windows but I cannot check this (because I don't know how to).
    Going to give You my configuration here, cause seems to be a bit tricky.
    Having an Intel Dual Core Machine with ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn server (amd64) setup with xen 3.1 (on 2.6.20-100-generic-amd64 kernel from a backport due to sata problems with 2.6.19) on Dom0. The box has 4GB of RAM 2GB dedicated to the DomU where Zimbra is installed. Another DomU has a firewall installed. There are two NICs in the system. One is connected to a router and one to the local network. I didn't work out how to set up the box so only the firewall sees the physical interfaces so I use the bridged virtual interface to do the job. Only the firewall sees the two bridges the other boxes only see the bridge used for the local net. So all traffic has to go through the firewall (shorewall 3.2.6).
    The router is a LinkSys WRT54GS-DE (I need the WLAN from this box). The uplink is connected to a DSL-Modem (with firewall). There are some ports forwarded fromthe DSL-Modem to the LinkSys and from there to the (outside) NIC of the firewall. The firewall itself forwards the traffic to Zimbra box (on the other DomU). Some Ports are forwarded to another DomU having SquirrelMail installed which itself uses zimbra smtp and imap feature.
    Want to give You a small pcture of my setup - it's easier to understand than thousands of (non native english - sorry about this) words.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot,
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