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Thread: Calendar Integration

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    Default Calendar Integration

    Hi guys,

    So now i'm configuring my mail clients, so some users has Thunderbird and other Outlook, the thing is that I configured every client using the IMAP functionality to catch zimbra mails, and it works just fine, but my problem begins when i see the calendars in each client, i can find any apointments that i have in zimbra, all the calendars are empty on my clients, so if i want to see any calendar i have to log on the webmail or at zimbra desktop, what else i have to configure so i can see my calendars on my diverse clients, is there any port where the mail works? thanks any help

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    Have you shared the cal with the public? /pointed your thick-client at that .ics url?

    If you want to edit events from thunderbird: Thunderbird & Lightning - ZimbraWiki

    There's also the outlook connector in NE:/products/desktop_compatibility.html

    You can compare editions here: /products/product_editions.html

    Also, add your version information to your profile so we don't have to ask all the time in the future if your using NE/FOSS (it can make a difference on the things we recommend and commands we give).

    via the command line:
    su zimbra
    zmcontrol -v
    or in the main search bar of the web-client enter:
    $set:get version
    /forums/profile.php?do=editprofile > about halfway down the page 'additional information' > zimbra version blank

    I know you not 100% new to the forums -36 posts, but it saves us time from having to go dig through you old posts to find out

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