I'm not sure if this belongs in Administrators or Installation, but every time I need to upgrade Zimbra on my multi-server installs it always seems to be a pain. On the servers with the mailbox installed everything is usually pretty smooth, actually extremely smooth and its down for no longer than 30 minutes.

However on the MTA boxes, the install scripts always hangs at trying to start mysql, which isn't installed since the only packages/services enabled are zimbra-core, zimbra-mta, zimbra-snmp. Everytime I upgrade a MTA only box I have to backup /opt/zimbra/ then uninstall it, remover /opt/zimbra/, remove any zimbra files in /tmp and then install the new version. This way it gives me the "menu" of what to enable/disable and set the ldap master host and password.

Am I doing something wrong, or will there be a fix for this anytime soon?