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Thread: Thunderbird and Lightning

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    I was able to duplicate the behavior that you all are talking about...which is good and bad. Good that I can duplicate it, bad because it means a problem exists.

    I am also unable to delete appointments created in lightning on Zimbra. Since Lightning only reads what is present in Zimbra...we can conclude that Lightning is unable to do one of two things:

    1) Lightning does not know how to communicate with Zimbra properly or Zimbra does not comply with calendar standards in this instance and Lightning is updating according to standard but Zimbra is ignoring it.
    2) Zimbra has the wrong permissions

    To resolve this, I attempted to setup my secondary email with full share/manage access to the calendar. I then used the same URL noted in my how-to to plug in my Zimbra work calendar at home. I attempted to delete an example appointment via Lightning and found that this could still not be done.

    Therefore, I can conclude that this is #1 from above. Which one it is, I do not know...we'll need input from Zimbra on whether or not standards are followed in this instance and then we'll have to check with lightning to see if they also follow standards (mozilla is usually pretty good about following these things though).

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    It surprises me that no one has looked at this before now - expecially with mozilla having a few zimbra servers...
    Mozilla IT: Mozilla Scheduled Downtime - 3/6/2007, 7pm - 11pm PST (0300 - 0700 3/7/2007 UTC)
    * 7pm PST (0300 UTC) - mail upgrade. We'll be upgrading Zimbra to 4.5.3 and testing failover. Expected downtime is 2-3 hours, but could run the length of the window.
    Internal sites: * (Zimbra) (mail will be queued, no messages lost, but webmail, pop3, and imap will be unavailable)
    lilmatt’s mozilla blog » Blog Archive » Lightning: and Outlook invitations
    lilmatt’s mozilla blog » Blog Archive » Lightning: Zimbra invitations
    Following up on my previous post, initial testing with Zimbra appears to be successful. After accepting, the event is added to my Zimbra calendar (even at the correct time!).
    He's moved on to work on flock though.

    Of course zcs will eventually have CalDAV so maybe they think it would be too much wasted effort to work it out?
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    Here's an interesting one -- I'm having the same problem as many others in that if I delete an appointment off Lightning, it won't be deleted on the Zimbra server. Also, I can move appointments made in Lightning around on Lightning and the changes are reflected in the Zimbra calendar, UNTIL I move the appointment around in the Zimbra calendar, at which point all updates using Lightning simply go back to whatever Zimbra last set it to after reload. Seems that if Zimbra touches the appointment at all, Lightning can't change it any more.

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