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Thread: Deleting Sent folder

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    Default Deleting Sent folder

    Thunderbird defaults to Sent (but you can change it)
    Outlook defaults to "Sent Items" (and you can't configure it)
    Our company's product defaults to "Sent Items" (and you can configure it, but its what everyone's used to)

    So, we settled on "Sent Items"

    I've changed the attribute on my account (for a test) and on the COS, and it puts the sent message into the correct folder.

    However, I'm left with a "Sent" folder which I can't delete, and which appears "Special" in the Web UI, and isn't deletable. Is there anyway of removing it?



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    That is a required Zimbra Folder. Is it possible for you to consolidate the others to this folder?


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    Default Changing sent folder

    Ah, but I've changed the attribute (zimbraPrefSentMailFolder), so shouldn't the folder that attribute points at be the special folder?

    Otherwise I'm going to end up with two "sent" folders.

    The problem comes with Outlook (as always ) - I can't find any way to change its sent folder, and it is one of the multitude of IMAP clients we use here.

    However, it has just occurred to me - do you have different language versions? How do they handle the different names for different folders? Could I use the same mechanism to change the name of the Sent folder?

    Many thanks


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