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Thread: [SOLVED] making an all box?

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    Question [SOLVED] making an all box?

    Is there a way to CC every incoming and outgoing email to a box called "all" or something similiar?

    and if so how would this be done?

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    NE user? Archiving & Discovery w/ CrossMailbox Search - see /products/zimbra_archiving.html

    OS user? always_bcc - see /forums/administrators/8659-enhancement-hacks-power-filters.html

    Also, add your version information/operating system to your profile:
    a) it makes a difference some times on what commands we give or options that you can take
    b) so we don't have to ask all the time in the future (sometimes it's a pain to dig through old posts)

    via the command line:
    su zimbra
    zmcontrol -v
    or in the main search bar of the web-client enter:
    $set:get version > about halfway down the page 'additional information' > zimbra version blank
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