I am running a primary Zimbra server and want to maintain a backup Zimbra mirror server that is updated daily.

I looked at this Wiki Scripts to sync to a remote Zimbra backup machine - ZimbraWiki on the subject, but it appears to require laying out all domains and user accounts and passwords in advance. I'd really like something more dynamic, like a simple daily backup from Server A and restore to Server B.

I've read several forum messages on attempts to do something similar, and have not yet found a solution that works:

What I did was run /opt/zimbra/bin/zmbackup -f -a all on Server A, copied the file over to Server B, and there ran /opt/zimbra/bin/zmrestore -lb. Got this error message: " Error occurred: system failure: Unable to connect to LDAP directory". Zimbra on Server B crashed and will not start.

Sooo.... If someone knows how a simple daily mirror backup between two servers can be achieved dynamically, would you please let me know? Thanks so much!