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Thread: Default behavior for reading pane

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    Default Default behavior for reading pane

    There must be a setting somewhere on this because one of my accounts comes up with the reading pane always displayed, and the other never does. I like never, because I don't want any message marked as read till I choose to read it. Trouble is, I can't find that setting anywhere!

    And if the setting is actually (save the state last used) then I've got a problem there too, because in the account that shows the pane, I go in and turn it off every time I log on, and it's back next time, every time.

    It's a small thing, I know, but it's a real "pane". . .

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    Options/preferences > Mail tab > uncheck "Always show the reading pane:"
    Or on the account zimbraPrefReadingPaneEnabled to FALSE

    Also see "group mail by:" > 'message' or 'conversation' view options.

    Think there's an RFE for adjusting the highlight time before a message is marked as read (can't find it right now-but you could always make a new one).

    Also see the new threaded view in v5 (currently called hybrid in zdesktop)
    This seems to be our standard screenshot nowadays: (lol-sry phoenix)
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