I have upgrade to the 4.5.7 from 4.5.6 OS version last night.
Everything working fine except there is one Stats which I think is new in the admin console which is not working.
Any idea or what may cause it.
And also I have problem in SMTP read timeout error when try to send a email to this one domain for some reason.
Here is the detail log grep:
Sep 25 09:02:04 XXXXXX.COM amavis[6163]: (06163-11) Checking: VTR9lbE-lSqy [] <XXXX@XXXXX.com> -> <YYYYYY@YYYYY.com>
Sep 25 09:02:07 XXXXXXXamavis[6163]: (06163-11) FWD via SMTP: <XXXXXX@XXXXXXXX.com> -> <YYYYY@YYYYY.com>,BODY=7BIT 250 2.6.0 Ok, id=06163-11, from MTA([]:10025): 250 Ok: queued as 04A1539C8C5D
Sep 25 09:02:07 XXXXXXamavis[6163]: (06163-11) Passed CLEAN, LOCAL [] [] <XXXXX@XXXXXXX.com> -> <YYYYY@YYYYY.com>, Message-ID: <2002323042.151190682124090.JavaMail.root@XXXXXX.c om>, mail_id: VTR9lbE-lSqy, Hits: -2.179, size: 975, queued_as: 04A1539C8C5D, 2873 ms
Sep 25 09:02:07 XXXXXX postfix/smtp[18244]: 2457739C8C56: to=<YYYYY@YYYYYY.com>, relay=[], delay=3, status=sent (250 Ok: queued as 04A1539C8C5D)
Sep 25 09:07:07 XXXXXXX postfix/smtp[18251]: connect to mail.YYYYY.com.[]: read timeout (port 25)
Sep 25 09:07:07 XXXXXX postfix/smtp[18251]: 04A1539C8C5D: to=<YYYYY@yyyyyy.com>, relay=none, delay=300, status=deferred (connect to mail.YYYYY.com[]: read timeout)
Sep 25 09:15:18 XXXXX postfix/smtp[27419]: connect to mail.YYYYY.com[]: read timeout (port 25)
Sep 25 09:15:18 XXXXXX postfix/smtp[27419]: 04A1539C8C5D: to=<YYYY@YYYYY.com>, relay=none, delay=791, status=deferred (connect to mail.yyyyy.com[]: read timeout)
This is from a zimbra on FC5 64 bit with some modification instructed as RHL 64 installation and behind a router.

I have try to send to this domain from another Zimbra Run on FC5 with out any problem.

And we have also found there are other linux email server run in Postfix have the same problem for some reason.

I have musk the domain and IP for securities reason.