I know this reveals my ignorance, but I need to get my trusted networks right for my whole network, which includes class C subnets connected by a VPN. Right now, my "Trusted Networks" line reads:
Obviously, refers to the loopback local host, and without this the Zimbra mail client can't send mail (I found this out the hard way ). refers to the local Class C LAN that is currently sending mail quite successfully, and refers to the actual IP address of my mailserver on the DMZ, which I remember it needing but I don't at this moment remember why. . .I think maybe that was what I had to do to get mail to actually go to the outside world.

Anyway, what I want to do now is to enable two more subnets, and, to the trusted networks. I don't know whether the correct way to do this is to change my middle string in the current trusteds to, or to add the other two subnets in the list. I think I tried once before to have more than three trusted networks in that field and the whole thing blew up, so that is also part of why I'm asking.

Thanks in advance,