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Thread: Doc Sharing error - No such folder exist.

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    Question Doc Sharing error - No such folder exist.

    After resolving the bug 19909 issue, the document template is normal now! And all the shared "Documents" mountpoint could be viewed by users~ However, we found that there is another problem... don't know whether this problem is exist previously or not...

    Under the shared documents or notebooks or whatever it's named, there are two sub-notebook under the root one. The users now could only access the documents or called "pages" under the root notebook without any problem, but once they access to the pages under either sub-notebooks, an error msg box would pop up titled "No such folder exists.", the target page could be still viewed after click on the OK buttom... although this error is a false alarm or something like that and the users could see the pages, it's really so annoying to see such error box everytime!

    Anyone know what's the problem source or does there any exist bug indicated such problem? I have to say, the users with Manager privilege (even the original person who share the notebook) on the root notebook with the same result~ (We only shared the root notebook and the sub-notebook automatically inherit the sharing properties from the root notebook.

    Please help!!
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    OS=Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
    Current: Release 5.0.10_GA_2638.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 FOSS edition
    OS=openSUSE 10.3
    Current: Release 5.0.2_GA_1975.openSUSE_10.2_20080130231825 UNKNOWN FOSS edition
    Prior: Release 4.5.6_GA_1044.SuSE10_20070706142147 openSUSE_10.2 FOSS edition

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