We are looking to change our current hosted email box for something newer and are also looking at replacing the mis-mash of products we use for something more unified.

We provide a handful of pop accuont to 5 or so of our smaller clients who don't have (or want) their own box locally. Currently we also provide them with a plesk style interface to add additional aliases and changes which mailbox gets which email address.

Can we do something similar using Zimbra ? Each client company would need their OWN interface (ie they would only be able to edit mailboxes assigned to them and not be able to see other company mailboxes, let alone edit them).

I'm hoping to get something like Zimbra in place which has one point of contact for support for the various bits.

Alternatively, can anyone recommend a one-shop-solution for something liek this which has the ajax feel of Zimbra ?

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