I have recently transferred a Zimbra install from a remove VM to more local one using rsync and have had a problem with not everything being updated...

I transferred the system this way:
1. Stop Zimbra at the remove location
2. Restore a backup of the VM in the local location
3. Update relevant DNS records (which were pre-massaged with low TTLs to reduce propagation time
4. Start Zimbra fomr the back to confirm all is well.
5. Stop zimbra on the back
6. rsync /var and /opt from the old location to the new
7. restart Zimbra

All seemed well for myself and the user that tested the results that day, but my brother didn't test it until a day or few later, and that is when the problem struck. His sub-domain and user accounts do not seem to be present.

His sub-domain and accounts were added after the backup copy was taken so my current assumption is that while all the mail and calendar data seems to have transferred OK the domain and user information wasn;t and is still at the point the backup was taken.

No important mail has been lost, so this isn't a major problem, but Zimbra will not allow me to recreate the accounts. When I try to add the sub-domain I get the error:
Message: system failure: unable to create domain: sub.domain.tld
Error code: service.FAILURE
Method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
I presume this is because there is still data somewhere saying the domain is registered, despite the fact I can't see it in the admin area. Is there a way of purging said data so I can add the sub-domain?