So, I have been looking at Zimbra as a solution here where I work. I have spoken to a rep about how I can implement Zimbra. Basically we have 500 users and only around 100 of them need the Outlook or iSync connectors...the rest need nothing more than POP/Imap/Webmail. Now, the reps have told me that I would need to pay for all 500 users on some level because the only way to split users is to install the Network Edition on one server and the OSS edition on another. Although this seems weird (why can't one just create users under the Network Edition that are flagged to not have connector connectivity?) I am willing to accept this.

Could someone explain to me how one would implement the two server solution? How would they connect to one another? Could one be a master LDAP server and the other be a slave? Could they share the domain name of my company?

I want to see just how feasable this idea is. It would save my company something like $6000.00/year which would certainly help me when pitching the Zimbra idea.

Thanks for any input. Also if you have done something like this and don't feel like posting to the forum I am willing to talk offline. Thanks.