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Thread: [SOLVED] Splitting up single server

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    Default [SOLVED] Splitting up single server

    I'm an Network customer. We are in the process on adding a new group of users but would like to set up a multi-server setup.

    Currently, it's a single server all-in-one box.

    My plan is to go to:

    a) Initially, add a second server with it's own mail store
    b) At a 2nd stage, split MTAs out of mail stores

    So far, everything I found on installation was based on a multi-server setup but from scratch. I even found a reference of someone trying to combine a multi-server setup into one.

    Hints or ideas ? TIA...

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    Just pick the packages you want to install...then during the install phase point it at the master ldap (your current zimbra box)

    Use CLI zmmailboxmove Network Edition only - ZimbraWiki to move some of the accounts onto the 2nd mailstore

    -logger is installed on one mailstore only
    -you could now add imap proxy to the mix so they don't have to remember the full mailstore name in thick-clients


    (configuring packages: /docs/ne/latest/multi_server_install/multi-server_install.5.1.html)
    (ldap replica directions: /docs/ne/latest/multi_server_install/LDAP%20Replication.6.1.html)
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    Ok... BTW, this is version 4.5.5 on a dev setup to test for production. I'll upgrade to the latest one if there are issues here...

    Followed the instructions so I setup the 2nd box to NOT install LDAP nor logger, but everything else (mta, store, snmp, spell).

    Pointed to the master ldap (figuring out the password)
    Setup the domain to be the same as the original box
    Setup the admin account (just in case, same password as original box)

    After the install, ran the script to update the ssh keys, and the syslog scripts. Also, the syslog option on the original server (-r).

    Stopped and restarted everything, but...

    On original box, zmclamdctl is not running (and I think it has to do with either the old version, or that the clamd.log file is too big - never gets rotated), but on the new box tomcat won't start

    Two things I noticed - a) I was never asked for the license when installing the 2nd box (is it pulled via ldap?) and b) the original server users our own certificate generated from our CA (I did create a cert and updated tomcat with them)

    Any ideas ?

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    Got it - somehow zimbra was not starting on bootup and rpc decided to use port 995. So tomcat would fail to start.

    Working now... Thanks for the tips...

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