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Thread: How do webclients get redirected to the right server?

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    Default How do webclients get redirected to the right server?

    How does the multi mailbox server configuration actually work? In the case of IMAP perdition tunnels the connection, but what happens in the case of web requests? My concern is having multiple mailbox server behind a NAT/L4/firewall type device. Do I have to make each mailbox server visible from the outside with its own name or is there some way to make the all look the same from the outside?

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    The easy way -
    First you set up a virtual hostname of and configure x # of mail servers. Say to

    When users log on to, the load balancer directs the user to any one of the mail servers to verify the log on information. After successfully logging on, users are redirected to the actual server their mail is stored on. While they are logged on, all subsequent requests go directly to their server.

    In order to do so:
    1. Each Zimbra servers must have a routeable address/name from the outside.
    2. You must configure the virtual hostname on the administration console.
    3. You must turn on the following localconfig setting on each mail server:
     zmlocalconfig -e zimbra_auth_always_send_refer=true
    If you wanted to hide that url, you need something that does address rewriting & connection management to correctly route the request - either a proxy or device - some examples: Load_Balancer_Vendors
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    Do L7 switches really work for Zimbra though? It was my understanding the that mobile devices still needed to connect to the correct host directly, maybe the same for outlook connector, as per Bug 9469 - ZCS Mailbox Server Proxy

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