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    Default Strange Problem

    i have a strange problem here :

    the web client always states that i have one new message but i cant see this message. it has been a long time that it is like that.
    when i receive new messages, they appear ok, but the new message count keeps to be one more than the actual number of new messages.
    for example, if i receive 3 new messages, the web client says i have 4 new messages...

    don't understand....

    what should i try to get this annoying thing off ??

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    do you need to purge the folder of deleted items?
    or is it buried deep in the folder - can you see it by searching for is:unread ?

    EDIT: sry, I should have first asked 'do you use any thick-clients?'
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    Have you ever logged in with an Imap client like Thunderbird or I've had an issue before where some deleted items in the imap client never got fully expunged from the web client, so they would show as unread messages, but you could never find them.

    If you have used an imap client, then do the following from terminal or cmd-line:
    telnet 143
    a login username password
    a select INBOX
    a Expunge
    a logout
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