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Thread: authenticating dokuwiki to zimbra's openldap!

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    Thumbs up authenticating dokuwiki to zimbra's openldap!

    I couldn't just google the answer for this, so I just want to share my config with people in case they are trying to get their dokuwiki to authenticate to zimbra's openldap. Also, I'm a dokuwiki bigot it's awesome, almost as awesome as zimbra.

    I think, the key thing had to do with telling dokuwiki the right ldap schema (objectClass) to look at. At first I wasn't too sure about objectClass's, because I thought the posixAccount was something already in Zimbra, or I thought posixAccount was something that Zimbra's ldap schema was built "on top of" - but i'll have to take a closer look. Anyway looks like want I care about is zimbraAccount instead (this works for me).

    All this stuff goes in your ./conf/dokuwiki.conf - what this does is just authenticate user/password from zimbra's openldap:

    PHP Code:
    $conf['useacl']      = 1;
    $conf['openregister']= 0;
    $conf['authtype']    = 'ldap';

    $conf['auth']['ldap']['server']      = 'ldap://';
    $conf['auth']['ldap']['port']        = 389;
    $conf['auth']['ldap']['version']     = 3;

    # Optional debugging
    $conf['auth']['ldap']['debug']      = true;

    # ldap user info
    $conf['auth']['ldap']['usertree']    = 'ou=people,dc=xxxxxxxxx,dc=com';
    $conf['auth']['ldap']['userfilter']  = '(&(uid=%{user})(objectClass=zimbraAccount))'
    I'm still working on the Group (OU) lookup:

    PHP Code:
    #$conf['auth']['ldap']['grouptree']   = 'ou=people,dc=blah,dc=com';
    #$conf['auth']['ldap']['groupfilter'] = '(&(Member=%{ou})(objectClass=zimbraAccount))'; 
    (I'm guessing the lookup is fine, but at the moment, I'm not sure how I'd match up openldap groups to dokuwiki groups. Or if that is something I want to worry abou. Maybe I should define my access control within Dokuwiki. I guess the downside to this is I'm creating "sprawl" for access control policies/lists. But I think I'll revisit this problem when it truly becomes a problem for my needs.)

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    Does this article help?
    LDAP Authentication - ZimbraWiki

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    This configuration works for dukuwiki:

    PHP Code:
    $conf['useacl'] = 1
    $conf['openregister'] = 0;
    $conf['authtype'] = 'ldap';

    $conf['auth']['ldap']['server'] = 'ldap://xxxxx.xx';       
    $conf['auth']['ldap']['port'] = 389;
    $conf['auth']['ldap']['version'] = 3;
    $conf['auth']['ldap']['usertree'] = 'uid=%{user},ou=people,dc=xxxxxxxx,dc=com';
    $conf['auth']['ldap']['debug'] = 1

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