So, for the last month I have been on these forums either searching or posting trying to find a solution but can't find one. My company needs very much to have the ability to view/edit shared calendars via the iSync connector in Mac land. The problem is that this functionality doesn't exist in 4.5 and the connector obviously doesn't come with the open source edition.

I was told to just wait for RC1 since it will be released as a Network Edition and I can test to my hearts desire. The problem is that that was either a lie or there is some miscommunication going on.

I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of a straight answer and I also don't understand how one could call something a release candidate when it hasn't been tested by users yet.

Can anyone give me an answer as to when I will be able to test the new iSync connector? When will RC2 be out for 5.0? Will it be a Network Edition?