So today I got to use zmrestore for the first time. On my own account.

I had a very strange thing happen. On my install of 4.5.7 NE, I have a few domains, lets call two them z1 and z2. z1 contains a bunch of real users and among other things my own email account. z2 was a test domain with one account for me.

Here is the surprising part. Removing the z2 domain, nuked me@z1. I had to restore me@z1, but that first generated and error about the lack of z2. I recreated z2 and restored me@z1 again.

When looking at the data for me@z1 I noticed I had 2 mail attributes, me@z1 and me.test@z2. I assume at some point I must have added an alias because I had a MailAlias attribute of me.test@z2.

Removing the MailAlias via zmprov also cleared the secondary mail attribute. At that point I was able to re-delete z2 without further issue.

There are 2 strange problems here. First the me.test@z2 address was nowhere visible in the admin UI. It wasn't listed as an account in z2 or as an alias. Second, removing a domain containing a alias for a user in a different domain, should have not removed the user from the z1 domain completely.

Has anyone seen anything like this?