This topic must be covered somewhere already, but when I search on "backup" I get too many hits and don't see anything like this.

Is there any way for users to back up their own mailboxes? We give them a fairly large quota, but with lots of file attachments it becomes impossible to keep more than a year or so. It's also not very likely that they would ever have to go back to something more than a year old.

So I'm really asking two questions:

First, how can an individual move all e-mail that's more than 12 months old to their local machine and out of Zimbra? It would be nice to have something automated, but a manual process would be OK as long as it's not too easy to mess up and end up with no backups.

Second, assuming that they can burn a backup CD containing old e-mails, what would be the best way to access those backups if they ever had to?

I'm hoping to write a (simple?) procedure that we can distribute to a few thousand e-mail users. Whatever we come up with has to be pretty easy for non-technical people otherwise I'll be getting thousands of phone calls every month.