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Thread: Distribution list administration

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    Default Distribution list administration

    Is there a way to assign administration privileges on a granular basis? For example, we have a number of departments who would like to take over the administration of their own distribution lists, but we would not want to grant access to the entire administration panel.

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    Bug 19579 - distribution list -- moderator
    (incorporated into Bug 8968 - Mailman Integration)

    The first bug was for the ability to have distribution list moderators (ie add/remove abilities)

    That got incorporated into the mailman RFE -which is the bug for the serious distribution list overhaul (mailman being the suggested product to integrate)

    The Network Edition has domain admins that can only create and maintain accounts, aliases, distribution lists, and calendar resources in a specific domain.
    (If it's still a little too much abilities/powers for your liking, more delegated auth control functionality is slowly being added.)

    You could build a web-interface with soap calls, or a shell that would only allow some basic commands-
    To get all the lists:
    zmprov gadl
    or just those in a domain:
    zmprov gadl

    zmprov gdlm

    to see the members:
    zmprov gdl

    to add a member:
    zmprov adlm

    to remove a member:
    zmprov rdlm

    to create a list:
    zmprov cdl

    to delete a list:
    zmprov ddl

    rename list:
    zmprov rdl

    add list alias:
    zmprov adla

    remove list alias:
    zmprov rdla[/quote]
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