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Thread: warning: to prevent loss of mail, turn off command pipelining

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    Default warning: to prevent loss of mail, turn off command pipelining

    i have this warning in my log files:

    Unrecognized warning:
    non-SMTP response from localhost[]: : 249 Time(s)
    to prevent loss of mail, turn off command pipelining for with the smtp_discard_ehlo_keyword_address_maps parameter : 249 Time(s)

    we are using 4.5.7 version on RHEL Linux.

    what does this mean ?


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    Hi Lars-
    This is a tough one. To find the answer, I had to dig around in Postfix's source. Here's their explanation of the error:
    * XXX Do not simply ignore garbage in the server reply when ESMTP
    * command pipelining is turned on. For example, after sending
    * ".<CR><LF>QUIT<CR><LF>" and receiving garbage followed by a
    * legitimate 2XX reply, Postfix recognizes the server's QUIT reply
    * as the END-OF-DATA reply after garbage, causing mail to be lost.
    * Without the ability to store per-domain status information in queue
    * files, automatic workarounds are problematic. Automatically
    * deferring the delivery creates "no delivery" or "repeated
    * delivery" problems, and automatically turning off pipelining for
    * "old" mail affects deliveries to sites with correct pipelining
    * implementations.
    * So we leave the decision with the administrator, but we don't force
    * them to take action, like we would with automatic deferral. If
    * loss of mail is not acceptable then they can turn off pipelining
    * for specific sites, or they can turn off pipelining globally when
    * they find that there are just too many broken sites.
    So, try toggling the option for EHLO checks. If that fails, please file a bug.


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