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    Default GUI crashed


    I am a newbie in Zimbra. Recently I have installed 5.0.0 RC1 in my centos 5 system. It has been working till now without any issues. But, I had issues with connecting the server via mail clients. For trouble shooting this, I was going through the server configuration through the admin panel. I tried to disable an option ( I think it was related to encryption) in MTA configuration under server section and tried to save it, an error popped up. After that when I click on any buttons in the panel I got the same error. Then I tried to logout, then I got a message that "cannot connect to the server". Then I closed the window but cannot login to the panel again, I am getting the error "Unable to connect". I even tried to reboot the server, but still no luck.

    When I ran the comand
    $ zmcontrol status
    it shows
    "stats Stopped"
    but, all other services were running. Then I started stats using "zmstatctl start"

    When I ran the following command,
    zmprov getServer | grep -e Mode -e Auth -e Port

    i am getting the following error
    ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (invoke Connection refused, server: localhost) (cause: Connection refused)

    May I have disabled anything which crashed GUI ? or I have to start any other services ?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance


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    The stats won't crash the GUI. We typically call the GUI the Zimbra Web Client. It's servlet is Tomcat. That may help you in the future if you need to search.

    It looks like tomcat may be down if you're trying to run a zmprov command, and it's kicking out an error like that.

    What does zmcontrol status reveal?

    Also, if tomcat is indeed down, then take a look at the /opt/zimbra/tomcat/log/catalina.out file. That will have the reason it died.

    Also, in the future, zmprov commands are communicated to the server through SOAP. If tomcat is down, SOAP won't work (hence the problem). To bypass SOAP, add the -l option for communication directly to LDAP. So your command would be:
    zmprov -l getServer | grep -e Mode -e Auth -e Port


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