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Thread: [SOLVED] Censorship on Zimbra Blog ?

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    Default [SOLVED] Censorship on Zimbra Blog ?


    I'm a happy Zimbra user, we bought the Network edition and are using it in production every day.

    I'm quite surprised, because I always thought that the zimbra team was open to us. Lately, I've seen all my posts on the blog non published. It's not such a big deal, but I think that I want as all of us here to improve things and make them better, even if sometimes we have to point things that are non-functional.

    My last post was about the new 5.0 RC1 demo online. I've tryed it and I think it's amazing, but something that has already been discussed here is "inline content". Wich means things can be copy-pasted on the zimbra mail composer for example, simple things as an image, part of an excel table, a piece of texte, or more complex things as a file. There where comments saying that inline content was going to be included for the 5.0 release.

    My post only asked if this was going to be in the final, because in the 5.0 RC1 it was nowhere to be seen and it's HUGE plus for us, and we are awaiting for it very eagerly. Same with the HTML signature. Why my post didn't passed the "approval" ?

    Just some questions I'm looking for answers, censorship in Forums and Blogs hare a bad thing and create tensions... I'm all for crystal clear communication.

    Thanks for all the amazing work.


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    We do get a lot of spam on the comments, therefore comments are not approved by default.

    We've been way busy, and I just missed it. No conspiracy. No censorship.

    We've always been very open, so I don't know why anyone would think that we would censor comments on the blog with regard to inline signatures. If we wanted to censor, I'm sure we could find something better than that. But, we just don't. Opinions are opinions, and we respect them.

    As far as HTML signatures, no they won't be supported in 5.0. Here's the bug so you can track: Bug 6390 - Support formatted (html) signatures It's targeted for 5.5
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