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Thread: Zimbra to Zimbra Migration for Testing Purposes..

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    Question Zimbra to Zimbra Migration for Testing Purposes..

    We're a ZCS Network Edition customer running 4.5.7.

    We're hoping to create a test server that we can copy some user profiles over and test newer versions of the ZCS.

    The idea would be like this:

    * production server has normal production users and emails come in and out of here.
    - A potentially older version of ZCS is installed but trusted to be reliable.

    * test server has the latest release of ZCS that has not been deployed yet.
    - Some/all users are copied over and they can login and run some "look and feel" tests to see that it works fine.

    If everything works out, we upgrade the production server and things look good as time goes on.

    This scenario would be for both the 4.5.X installs as well as using this for going to the 5.0.X codebase too. I would think other customers would find this valuable.

    How can this be done on our end? I didn't really see any documentation for testing/staging on the customer side.

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    The easiest way is to start with your testbed server being an install of the exact same version that your production server has. Then you can copy the contents of /opt/zimbra from box a to box b, so they have the same "goodies" on them. Once box b is working (including changing the hostname stuff so the boxes aren't fighting for the same identity), you run the upgrades on it to bring it up to the newer version.

    The other option (I understand in theory--I have not tested it myself) is to use IMAP Sync to synchronize your old and new servers. There is a wiki article on this process. I'm sure others can tell you how well or poorly it works; I only know about it from reading.

    There is, AFAIK, no other way to transfer only the data--that is, accounts, messages, and maybe spam databases, between versions if you are using the open source product.

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    I can understand the copy of /opt/zimba, but how does one change all of the references from one hostname to another?

    We had a problem once where we copied things over and the second server was still trying to manipulate data on the first server.

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    This almost but didn't quite work.

    Since we didn't want the test server mutilating the original back-end data, we did a "route add host reject" which would deny traffic to or from. OK, good thinking.

    But when we ran "zmsetservername" there were all sorts of connection problems that it was having as it couldn't talk with the appropriate daemons and reset the information inside.

    Now it seemed like it configured things partially. Ugh.

    So, we ended up adding in the stuff back into /etc/hosts thinking we could trick it somehow and further get the service running and changed over again.

    No-go. Tomcat won't start. zmprov -l works a bit and shows some old settings, fine, but there are no obvious settings to change from the old server to the new one.

    So, now, it seems as though we'll need to try this:

    re-rsync the data over, temporarily change the hostname, add in the /etc/hosts lookup fake-outs, then start the service and hope it works, then use the zmsetservername command to change it to what it's supposed to be, then change the hostname back and remove the /etc/hosts listings.

    Sounds like
    Network Edition: Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit Server - Zimbra :: Wiki

    might have some more details pertinent to this, even though it's oriented
    towards a platform migration.

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