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Thread: General ie Errors using 4.5.6ne rhel4_64

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    Question General ie Errors using 4.5.6ne rhel4_64

    Sometimes, using ie I get the following message when trying to send an email : "end tag does not match start"

    Other times the message that appears is "Send error report" when I open an email.

    Other times again, the email system just hangs.

    it hard to repo' so i haven't filed a bugz.

    if anyone has any general solutions i would appreciate it.
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    I also have reports of that error "End tag 'body' does not match the start tag 'HR'" but I have not been able to repoduce it myself. We are on 4.5.7 with rhel4_64 and the errors have been reported with IE7.
    The only bug I could find was this Bug 14777 - Error: end tag 'body' does not match start tag 'HR'

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