I have a "get to know zimbra" server running here at my house and it's running just fine. Great actually. My problem is that Bellsouth makes me funnel my outbound email through mail.bellsouth.net. Not a big deal. If I set my zimbra webmail mta hostname to mail.bellsouth.net I can send via webmail just fine. If I leave the webmail mta hostname set to localhost and set the relay mta for external delivery to mail.bellsouth.net, predictably I get:

The Postfix program
<.....@gmail.com>: host mx00.mail.bellsouth.net[] said: 550 relaying mail to gmail.com is not allowed (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Soo, can someone tell me how to configure zimbra's postfix to simply use bellsouth's outbound smtp server for internet mail?

I haven't even gotten far enough to ask this question but.. I will anyway. I'll need to send internet emails from scron'd shellscripts via the mail command; I assume this still works when I disable Fedora's sendmail and use zimbra? Forgive my ignorance here.

Thanks for the help. I have high hopes for this product!