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Thread: CLI calendaring commands

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    Default CLI calendaring commands

    I am creating all my users through zmprov. I want every user to have access to a previously created shared calendar.

    How would I add that calendar share access to the users' accounts through CLI commands?

    In a relevant note, where would I find more complete documentation for the CLI commands? If I type zmmailbox help folder, I only see

    createFolder(cf) create folder
    createMountpoint(cm) create mountpoint
    createSearchFolder(csf) create search folder


    There's no way to tell what the parameters are to the command (or what a mountpoint means).

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    Jeff Turmelle
    Columbia University

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    A mountpoint is a folder that acts as a view into a shared resource. This is what you want, I believe.

    For command usage, try something like zmmailbox cm -- it should print out detailed usage. (I'd expect that zmmailbox cm -h would work, but my reading of the source says that it might not.)
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    That's what I wanted. Its too bad there's not a central sheet for this. Maybe I'll do this today on the wiki if its not there already.



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