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Thread: Unable to log into admin consol

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    Default Unable to log into admin consol

    I've setup Zimbra to use an external LDAP server, and external GAL Server - and so far it works great.
    Though, I'm unable to log into the admin consol now.

    I've tried resetting the password by doing this:
    su zimbra
    zmprov sp admin@[my domain] [my password]
    It seems to accept that - but I'm still unable to login...

    Does the admin consol lookup the password in LDAP maybe?
    If that is the case I'll need that disabled.

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    First be sure to type the full when you attempt login.

    The admin accounts/the admin console already should revert to local, but let's go ahead and try zimbraAuthFallbackToLocal across the board:
    zmprov md zimbraAuthFallbackToLocal TRUE
    zmprov mcf zimbraAuthFallbackToLocal TRUE
    (you'll of course want that back off, but this is just a test)

    To be doubly sure it is an admin account:
    zmprov ma zimbraIsAdminAccount TRUE

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