Hi all!

Following situation:
1st server: external relay in the datacenter
2nd server: an installed Zimbra as an internal mailserver with webgui

The 1st server is relaying mails from outside to the 2nd server, checking them with amavis & co.
The 1st server also modifying the Subject-Line if Spam is detected:
"*** SPAM ***". Nothing special.
On the second server Antivirus/Spam-Checks are disabled.

although the Antivirus/Spam-Checks on the Zimbra server are disabled,
all mails with "*** SPAM ***"-mark in the subject are moved into the
"Spam"-folder of the user.

where and what should i modify, to turn off this "filtering" on the Zimbra-side completely? (So the SPAM also lands in the INBOX)