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Thread: Importing contacts - Example Format

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    Default Importing contacts - Example Format

    I created a contact with all the fields filled out. I exported this contact and this is the resulting csv file(you can remove the .txt extension). You'll see the headings for each of the fields we support today. This can be used as a template for importing your contacts. It's important to have a header row with the column names.
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    Default Example helpful, but leaves questions...

    1. Does the first or second row in this file represent the correct field names to use as the header row in my contacts file?
    A: first row are the Zimbra fieldnames.

    2. Is the order of fields of consequence, or will any order do so long as I use the correct fieldnames?
    A: Order of fields is of no consequence.

    3. Must all fields be included, or can we include only the fields we wish to import values for?
    A: Include only those fields you need.

    P.S. I took the liberty of creating a sample contacts file the way you did, but I filled in some real values to make it more clear what the fieldnames are for the header row. See the attached (remove.txt extension to open in Excel or a text editor).

    One last tip: if you have even a slightly large contacts list, you'll get a timeout error telling you the script may have stopped running. Just click "continuu running script" until your file completes. I had to close the error about 4 times importing 260 contacts.
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    Why is it that there is no "Assistant Phone" in the format, but there is a field for it on Zimbra?

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    And, on a related note... why doesn't Z import vCards? In bulk, I mean; does no one use vCard to *export* contacts?
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