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Thread: is there any way to show message size in column in inbox?

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    Default is there any way to show message size in column in inbox?

    I dont see this feature. When I right click in the column heading area I can see the option to show other stuff like "from" "subject" etc
    I know i can see the size in the "advanced web client" when I open the message but I sometimes want to see the size and sort on the size.

    question 2: Is their any option to show the "To" address in the inbox column?
    I know I can see it when I open the message.

    If these are not features of 4.x or upcoming 5.x how do I best submit a feature request?


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    Message size is displayed when you do a message search but not when you do a conversation search. Go to the "View" menu in the app and select "Message".

    Sorting by size and "To" columns on non-Sent folders are in bugzilla already. Please do a search and vote for the ones you'd like to see fixed!
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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