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Thread: SNMP config - where do I specify the destination of traps?

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    Default SNMP config - where do I specify the destination of traps?

    So far I looked in these places:
    1) admin guid PDF
    2) wiki
    3) admin web gui
    4) The forums
    Does anyone know where to look?

    Also how does one search the forums for posts or threads that must have ALL of the search words (for example SNMP and destination)


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    Default bump

    Also looking for this. There is /opt/zimbra/snmp/conf/snmp.conf, and MIBs in /opt/zimbra/snmp/share/snmp/mibs (not sure if thats just NE) but no clues on how it can be monitored with snmp, ot where to send traps.
    I have seen threads about installing NET-SNMP, but if zimbra has an snmp service it would be nice to use it!

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