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Thread: Shared resources across domains...?

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    Default Shared resources across domains...?

    I have a set up where, within a single company, there are 2 primary domains, lets call them and

    For 1/2 of the employees in the company, is their primary domain, for the other 1/2, is their primary domain (we'll call them Group A and group B) -- but it is all one company, and everyone needs access to the same things: same GAL, same shared calendar, locations, resources, etc.

    The problem is, the two sets of users are in completely different worlds, completely walled off from one another. The first group of users can't see the second group of users. Group A users don't show up in Group B's GAL, and vice-versa. If I create a location or a resource (let's say a conference room to be scheduled) and create in Group A's domain, Group B can't see it. They can't track scheduling across the domains, etc..etc..

    I've already tried adding aliases with Group A's primary domain to everyone in Group B -- no dice, still the same thing.

    Is there no way to do this?


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    Welcome to the forums,

    For starters, as your a single company with two domains, there's no need to keep the GAL separate, so you could set the search base to root level:
    su zimbra
    zmprov mcf zimbraGalInternalSearchBase ROOT
    -and yes you need the caps exactly as above

    DOMAIN is the default, and SUBDOMAIN is comming in v5

    (you can also become the zimbra user by su - zimbra or sudo zimbra as needed)
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