Hi there folks,

Please be gentle as first post and relative noob!

I have done a fresh install of FC4 and downloaded and installed OS zcs all ok. Used the guide http://www.zimbra.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2963 which worked well.

I am running the box at home as an evaluation with a view to a school implementation some time in 2006.

We have our own domain myschool.co.uk and this is hosted externally.

I can send from the domain (zimbra@myschool.co.uk) ok to my home email (matthew@mydomain.co.uk).

However I cannot receive.

So far I have:-
1. Setup fetchmail. i used the same setting as per my hula install which I am also testing. This works fine on Hula.

2. Port forwards on my dsl router to 25,110,7071 &7075 all to the local ip of my zimbra box.

3. On setting up Zimbra I merely left the hostname as mail.

A few friendly pointers would be much appreciated. Please let me know any more info required.

Happy New Year.