Hi, everybody. I'm new in Zimbra members. Nice to meet you all.
I want to ask a few questions, few month ago I install zimbra in my server and it work well, but I have a more jobs to do. I want my zimbra server can send sms to user if user were received an email, user will be warned by sms user got (just warned). And if user send an sms to sms gateway about how much email user received from his friends (ex: Alfred) then my sms gateway counting and sending back sms to user how much it is. Oh, I almost forgot. I used Suse 10.2 in my server and I use Handphone Nokia 2626 for my sms gateway. Which could I used (ex: kannel or gnokii which the best???) and I want to use bash for my program (oh, my program is automatically received and send an sms to user) how the script is???

BTW, thank's everybody who could solve my problem.