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Thread: Unable to Receive Mails though Outlook

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    Default Unable to Receive Mails though Outlook

    Hi all,

    I have just installed a ZCS on fedora 7 , Everything is working fine. But i am not able to receive any mail in my Microsoft outlook. I am able to send mails though it .

    When i am logging in my ZCS web client i am able to send and receive both
    Help me out


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    You really need to post some more details. What version of Zimbra are you using? I would guess that since it is Fedora 7 you're using the Open Source edition and not the NE, and that you're not using the Outlook Connector. How are you configuring Outlook, for POP or IMAP? What version of Outlook are you using? Are you getting any kind of error message in Outlook?

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