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Thread: Can ZIMBRA serve as an IMAP4 server ?

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    Default Can ZIMBRA serve as an IMAP4 server ?


    we would like to use ZIMBRA in the whole company and it would
    probably be much easier to convince the users if there would be
    able to use their old mail client like Mutt, OE, Tunderbird as well.

    Can ZIMBRA serve als an IMAP4 server? (it would be already
    ok, if mails sent with a mail-client would be listed in the ZIMBRA-

    Thank's for your tips!


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    Zimbra is an IMAP4 server, have a look here You can connect to it with email clients that support IMAP4 and the email shows in the users Zimbra mailbox that's because the client uses the IMAP server not a local copy at least with those clients I've used. I've used Evolution and Kmail without any problems, I've also used ChatterEmail (an IMAP client) from a Treo 650 for true 'push' support - beats the hell out of Exchange 2003.
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