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Thread: zmprov settings being lost

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    Default zmprov settings being lost

    I've set up sqlgrey with Zimbra, and it works greyt.

    However, in order to get sqlgrey running, you have to run the following command

    zmprov mcf zimbraMtaRestriction "check_policy_service inet:"

    Whenever I run that and restart Zimbra everything works great. It seems to survive reboots, etc.

    However, every once in a while I realize that if I do a "gcf" on that setting it comes back blank and the email headers show no greylisting headers as they should. If I run the above command again, and restart Zimbra, everything works fine again. Is there anything that should be clearing out this setting? Am I setting it in the right place? It seems to survive reboots (at least sometimes), but maybe when I add a domain it gets upset? I really can't quite pin it down....

    I'm running CE 4.5.8 by the way.

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    I am having the same problem with the dnsbls I've added. They work fine for a while, but then I notice that they are no longer set. I don't know where to look for how these settings are being lost.

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    You might be bumping into this bug if you are changing settings via the admin console
    Bug 20895 - Upgrade breaks spam RBL settings
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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